Thursday, March 6, 2008


I drew this Superman pic because at the time I hadn't drew this character in years and I was pretty excited about the Superman Returns movie. Which bombed....damn.

Thundercats intro was one of the best animation I've ever seen. Wished the animation of the actual episodes were executed that well. But it was a great show with some interesting stories and I wish the toys were still know, for my kids to play with...not me;)

I love to draw women. I painted the cuties in flash 8.0.

I was just sketching at work after looking at this book called Blacksad. It's a one of my favorites. I was sketching her in blue pencil and I was gonna clean her up with a pen. But I liked the blue pencil for her so much I left it as is.

Storyboard animatics

This dream sequence with Tuck was a hard one. They(creators)kept asking me to push the visuals, to make it magical. Which was odd to me at first since the show is done somewhat practical. I still liked the finished project from when it started out.

This song sequence with the Wonderpets arriving at Ollie's house was something I was looking forward to. He's a pushy, egotistical, self-centered kind of character. I think this bunny might have been inspired by the best rabbit of all time...Bugs.

This animatic has no audio. This is just a quicktime compilation of some of the shots
I worked on in Wordworld.